Friday, August 12, 2011

Brother and Sister. Around the world...

I have thought a lot about my sister over the past few months. It's really because I feel like I am engaged in missionary work all over again. And Jordan is serving full-time in Tahiti as just such a missionary.

We have both had our challenges, but mine seem so small compared to hers. She has two languages to learn and speak! I'm lucky because most Africans know English. Sure I have to change my accent a bit and speak the local lingo, but it's nothing compared to what Jordan has to do.

I'm so thankful for her service. It has inspired me each and every day I've been here. I know she is working hard, and doing her best despite the challenges. It only makes me want to make the most of my time here. I thought I'd share an excerpt from one of her letters. I think she'll be okay with it. I hope you can get a sense of what an awesome person she is, and of what an awesome missionary she is as well:

"we are teaching so many people. and i still can't understand anything which is
frustrating, because i know that there are times when people are pouring out
their souls to us and i don't know what to say or how to meet their needs
because i have no idea what is going on. it is frustrating. and it is
frustrating when i can't express myself how i want to. everyday has been a
struggle. i am having a difficult time with having patinece...BUT i have
studied a TON about the atonement and the grace of the savior. i know that
i can do this. i have definitely been humbled here on so many different
levels. and i know without a doubt that he loves me and that he is sitting
right there beside me everyday. i have seen that through all the tender mercies that i have recieved each day. i am making progress...i hope! i am
teaching lessons now...not just bearing my testimony. i am teaching
lessons! yeah, they are super super simple and i struggle through the whole
thing, but the people here are so nice and help me through it when i
struggle to find the words."

I read this email and just wanted to respond, to let her know that I'm having some difficult times too. This is what I said...

"I am having a difficult time in Africa myself. Many of my friends from
the last wave have gone back home, and it's just hard without them.
Plus I've been pretty sick for a week and a half, and I am just
missing home so much! Many of my projects have finished up and I am
hesitant to start any new ones because I am only here for a few more
weeks. I am trying, though, and I'm working to keep my days busy each
and every day. I need a missionary planner I guess!

"I think about you so much while I'm here. I feel like we are both
halfway around the world from home just serving people. Your service
is a bit different, and you are probably feeling the Spirit a lot more
than I am, but I feel connected to you in some way. You are always in
my prayers, and I LOVE telling people about my little sister serving
as a full-time missionary in TAHITI! Everyone is so impressed. But no
one, I assure you, is more impressed than me! Your biggest fan is in

And it's true. I am Jordan's biggest fan. But I'm also her big brother. And no one feels luckier to have her than I do. I'm glad she's where she is right now. It's only helped to strengthen me in my times of need...

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